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Load Restraint Products

Chain Angle Protectors

  • CODE: G705CA

  • 125mm x 125mm x 110mm

  • 10mm thick

  • Made from a polyurethane

  • Contains a hardness of 66 Shore D

  • Incredibly tough while still maintaining great flexibility

  • Bright orange for easy identification – day or night

  • CODE: G705PA

  • Heavy duty pallet angle

  • 1050mm long

  • 140 x 140mm wide

  • 10mm thick

  • Made from impact resistant plastic

  • UV-stabilised

  • Distributes restraining pressure of a load resistant device across the width of a standard pallet

  • Suitable for protecting goods and packaging from tie-down equipment ie. ropes, webbing straps, ratchet tie-downs

Pallet Angle Protectors

chain angle.png
webbing pallet angle.png
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